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Fall 2016

Dear Supporters of Sunrise Christian Food Ministry:

 Guess What? It is Thanksgiving and Christmas time already and then the end of the year! Sorry to surprise you with the calendar moving so fast. But we at your local food closet know what is happening. We started on October 24 (30 days before Thanksgiving) with handing out turkeys. By doing it daily instead of waiting to the last week, we are able to handle it without mobs of people in three days (at least that’s what we are hoping for). We have already given out more than 600 turkeys and expect to handle another 600 by Thanksgiving. 


We have attached the monthly table showing the numbers of people and families served. Through October we have served over 30,000 people and 10,000 families. As reported in the Summer newsletter, most months in 2016 have had a few less people than we had in 2015.  For the first time in 5 years, the year to date numbers are less than a year ago by 1054 people (3.4%) and 487 families (4.7%).  This is exciting and we praise the Lord. However, this is tempered by 1188 new families added to date (about 12%). Our community still needs a helping hand and we are there to reach out.


 God is continuing to supply all of our needs. In addition to several grants from Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, we have been having a number of food drives bringing in food. As an example, last week we had 1200-1400 cans of food from a collection at the Sacramento Union Brewery and this week almost 100 bags of food from our local Boy Scout troop 537. And we are expecting several school and business food drives before Thanksgiving. As we continue to distribute the food, God brings in more. 


Our major Cooler/freezer project is still in front of us. The team is working with SMUD on the application for a project to bring more power to the property.  This has to be completed before the City of Citrus Heights will issue the construction permit. In the interim time period, we are still bringing in the finances. Of the estimated $100,000 we are now at the $65,000 – 70,000 level. Again, if you know of any church group or civic or service group that would be interested in hearing more about what we do, please let us know. We would be happy to make a presentation to them.


So to wrap up, here is a list of praises and prayers:

  • Praise for Gods supply in product donations and finances
  • Praise for sufficient volunteers to meet all the needs
  • Praise for support and encouragement from 25 supporting churches
  • Pray for continued donations
  • Pray for strength and health of volunteers as we are extra busy with the season.
  • Pray for finances and solutions to cooler / freezer project

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. May the God of Hope continue to richly bless you for your continued support and prayers


The Board

Sunrise Christian Food Ministry.