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The Sunrise Christian Food Ministry has moved to a reservation system. We are no longer able to serve the amount of people visiting us daily for food and need to limit it to the first 160 clients per day*.

 Please plan to come to the food closet between 10:00am - 11:00am to get in line or receive a reservation card. If you arrive after our parking lot is full you will receive a reservation card. This card will tell you when you can return to receive a distribution, later in the day.
Unfortunatly we have had to change how we distribute food because our clients are being unsafe on the roadways and breaking the law in order to receive food. Local law enforcement is requiring us to change how we distribute food or risk being shut down. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
*This change will not affect our homeless guests on foot. These clients may proceed on foot to the registration trailer to receive a ready to eat slip and be provided a food ditribution.
For a faster distribution, visit any Sacramento Food Bank partner agency  to register for an account and receive a food access card.