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If your banking institution has Zelle as an option for transfering funds, please consider using it to make a donation.  When you donate through Zelle, your donation will safely transfer to our checking account fee free.
Please send your donation to or scan the QR code below.
or complete the form below to send your donation via PayPal (fees apply). 
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Thrivent Choice Dollars
Through Thrivent’s member-advised charitable grant program, Thrivent Choice®, eligible members can recommend where some of Thrivent Financial’s charitable outreach funds are distributed by directing Choice Dollars. Choice Dollars can be directed to Sunrise Christian Food Ministry.

Please note: Choice Dollars designated during a calendar year can be directed until March 31 of the following year. Learn more at or call 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and say “Thrivent Choice; or contact your Thrivent Representative.

Directing Thrivent Choice Dollars is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Thrivent Choice® program and if you direct any Thrivent Choice Dollars® this means that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. 
Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)
If you are 70½ or older, you can make your  qualified charity donation directly from an IRA with essentially pre-tax income. It may be a significant method to reduce and manage your federal tax obligation. Please contact your tax preparer or financial advisor to learn more.

Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds
Giving long-term, appreciated publicly-traded stock may be a tax-efficient way for you to make gifts to Sunrise Christian Food Ministry. These gifts are often larger than the typical cash gift. Each gift is properly receipted so that the donor has the required tax return support. Contact your financial advisor to learn more.
Planned Giving (Estates, Life Insurance, etc.)
Contact your financial advisor to learn more.